Here are some simple Lake Tahoe Fishing Tips that will help you catch a Trophy Lake Tahoe Lake Trout. Catching a Trophy Lake Trout is an avid fisherman’s dream.   Although Lake Tahoe is considered an Alpine Lake it doesn’t have the limited fishing seasons of a traditional Alpine Lake.

The elevation of Lake Tahoe is just over 6,000’ but surprizingly the majority of the lake does not freeze over in the winter months.  This means that you can fish Lake Tahoe the entire 12 months of the year. In the summer months you can fish it in shorts and flip flops and in in the winter months you will need to fish it in parkas and scarfs. 

Knowing this here are some Lake Tahoe Fishing Tips you should know that will help make your next fishing trip on Lake Tahoe your best trip ever.

Lake Tahoe Fishing Tips To Help You Catch The Big One #1 Lake Tahoe Fishing Tips – Find The Fish By Temperature

Many experienced fishermen claim that jigging for Lake Trout / Mackinaw is the most productive way to fish.   Since Lake Trout are very sensitive to water temperature this is a good way to find the depth you should be fishing. Lake Trout like water that is 52 degrees or cooler and tend to congregate in this section of the water column. Find one fish and you will most likely find more,

Jigging is the easiest way to find where the fish are located, especially if you have a line counter on your reel. If you don.t have a thermometer or electronics then start by fishing about 80′ of water and then adjust from them in increments of about 5 feet.

#2 Lake Tahoe Fishing Tips  – Smaller Is Sometimes Better

Of course the color and action of the jig or fly but the size of the jig or fly is equally important.   In colder conditions Lake Trout tend to like smaller jigs, many Trophy Lake Trout have been taken onsize #20 or smaller.   If you are going to use this size of tackle make sure you bring along your reading glasses to tie on the gear. What makes smaller tackle exciting is that you tend to fish it with smaller rods and reels. This gets avid fishermen excited because it takes skill and finesse to bring up a big Lake Trout from the bottom on small gear.

Many fishermen will also troll for Lake Trout with down riggers to help them find the right depth and water temperature.  This type of fishing is less hands on then jigging but it can be very productive. Basically you attach your line to a down rigger that has a very heavy weight (cannon ball) and that keeps your presentation consistently at a certain depth.  You then troll around looking for concentrations of fish. This type of fishing usually requires specialised and heavier equipment. The fishermen leaves there rod in a rod holder until they get a fish on the hook.

#3 Lake Tahoe Fishing Tips – Fish Move And So Should You

Lake Tahoe is a very big body of water and fish will concentrate in different areas during different times of the year.   Basically this is due to the water temperature and the availability of food. Find the right water temperature and food and you will find the fish. If you are new to the lake then be prepared to move around a lot at first.

One of the best ways to get an idea of where the fish are is to ask people and guides at the marinas and also the sporting good stores. Don’t expect people to give up their secret spots but I have found that the more tackle and equipment you buy at a sporting goods store the more accurate the information.

After bringing a fish to the boat many fishermen will clean the fish and examine  what is in the stomach. You can then tailor what you are fishing with to match what the fish are feeding on. If you move a significant distance between fish then I would examine another fish’s stomach in the new location.

#4 Lake Tahoe Fishing Tips – Boats Are Your Best Bet

Lake Tahoe is a deep lake and a very big lake. This is what makes Lake Tahoe such a great Trophy Lake Trout fishery,  because Lake Trout prefer bigger deeper waters.  If you are visiting Lake Tahoe in the summer months of May through September you have a much better chance of catching a fish off the bank than if if you are fishing in the colder months. Most fishermen will either bring their own boat or contract one of the private charters on Lake Tahoe like Mile High Charters.

Finding deep waters to fish from the bank or shore is very hard to find and even harder to fish.   Some of the other species of trout in the lake such as Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout and Kokanee are better fish to fish for from the bank than Lake Trout.

If you don’t have a boat then hiring a guide or a charter is a very viable option.   You not only get to fish from a boat for the day but you also get to see first hand some of the tips and tricks the Guide has to catch Trophy Lake Trout in Lake Tahoe.  Even if you have your own boat fishing with a professional fishing guide for a couple of days will help you build your skills and knowledge to fish Lake Tahoe on your own.

#5 Lake Tahoe Fishing Tips – Getting A Lake Trout In The Net

Lake Trout have very soft mouths so just because you hooked one doesn’t mean you will get them to the boat.  There are many a frustrated fisherman stories of the big one that got away on Lake Tahoe.

Here are some bullet points on what you need to get the fish in the net:

  • Make Sure You Have A Net – getting a 30lb fish in the boat without one is futile.
  • Use The Right Size Reel & Rod – a rod designed for Salmon or Steelhead fishing are best.
  • Set the hook gently – RIpping Lips is not the way you set the hook
  • Be patient,   a bigger fish will make multiple runs.  Don’t try to horse the fish in, take your time.

Well, that is it for the 5 Simple Lake Tahoe Fishing Tips, we hope that it will help you when fishing this wonderful lake that we call home. If you are interested in inquiring about an upcoming fishing trip please feel free to contact Captain Joby. He will be happy to accommodate you and help you have a Lake Tahoe fishing adventure that you will remember forever.