Tahoe Charter Boats

With over 20 Tahoe Charter Boats on Lake Tahoe it can become a bit confusing which one
you should pick for your Lake Tahoe Fishing Adventure.  This article will help you with your decision
so that your trip will be an enjoyable one.

Time of
Year – Winter vs Summer

Winter Weather On Lake Tahoe

Fishing is
open on Lake Tahoe 12 months out of the year.  
Even through it is considered an Alpine Lake the lake will pretty much stay clear of ice all year long.   Many Charters that run on the lake will only work seasonally and they will close in late November of December and then not open back up until April or May.

There are a number of reasons that many Tahoe Charter Boats don’t run in the colder months:

  • Their boats may not be equipped to
    run in the winter weather
  • They move their boats to other
    locations in the state to fish other waters
  • Their cabins are not properly heated
    to be comfortable for the guests

Summer Weather On Lake Tahoe

Most if not all of the Tahoe Charter Boats  are running on Lake Tahoe during the summer months.   The sun is out, there are lots of people, and the scenery is amazing.  But take heed, a full day Charter in a boat with little or no covercould be a bit much.  Most people prefer the opportunity to get under cover or in a cabin for at least part of the day instead of baking the entire time in an open boat.  Look for Tahoe Charter boats that have plenty of room to fish and of course plenty of space under a cover to allow you to cool down fromtime to time.

Amenities Onboard Tahoe Charter Boats

We just covered the need for a boat to be equipped with both a heater and cover,  in the Spring and Fall both of these amenities could be important on the same day.   But there are other considerations that you will want to look for:

Comfort On Lake South Lake Tahoe Charter Boats

One thing that many fishermen look for is a fully equipped head that is working, clean and private.   There is nothing worse than
 finding out once you are on the water that the toilet is not working, and you will need to sit on an old bait bucket to do your thing.  Or heaven forbid, you find out that there is no head and you will have to run to shore when the urge becomes unbearable,  cutting into your valuable fishing time.

Another item is the seating.  Is there enough room on board to give everyone a chance to sit down at the same time on a
comfortable seat instead of having to straddle a cooler or bait bucket.  Preferably the cabin is large enough to accommodate


Lake Tahoe is a very big lake and having the right electronics is important for both safety and finding fish.

All Tahoe Charter boats should be equipped with a working 2-way radio, navigation system and depth finder.   In addition, having a
fish finder and sonar onboard will help you get on and stay on the fish. 

Don’t be shy to ask about all of these items and if they are all working properly.  Along the line of safety, the captain should also have a complete first aid kit aboard, flotation devices for everyone (of the right sizes) along with a fire extinguisher.  

Captains make the difference in your Lake Tahoe Fishing Experience

In order to be a Charter Captain on Lake Tahoe you must have completed a comprehensive Coast Guard course and passed a fairly rigorous test.  It takes most people a number of months to go through the classes and materials to be able to pass this test.  Some of the subjects of study are:

  • Navigation Rules
  • Safety Regulations
  • Weather
  • Use of Electronics

One thing that is not on the list is fishing techniques.   A Captain can have an extensive education in navigation and be able to safely maneuver through 6 foot swells, but not able to put a fish on the deck to save his life.

Make sure that your Captain is also an experienced Lake Tahoe fisherman with a number of successful fishing seasons under his belt.  Ask to see photos of the Captains most recent trips and look for testimonials on their website and social media pages.


One of the best ways to make sure the Charter company and Captain that you are considering is right for you is to look at their online testimonials on Facebook and Google Business.   For the most part these are real people with real experiences with the Charter company and captain that you are considering.


Picking the best Charter Fishing Boats on Lake Tahoe for you is something that you want to consider carefully and do your homework on.  As you can see not all Charter Boats and Captains are the same.

Lake Tahoe is a complicated Lake to fish.   Where fish were yesterday doesn’t mean that you will find fish there today.   It takes hundreds of hours of experience to be proficient at reading the conditions and then finding the fish.

We at Mile High Fishing Charters pride ourselves in providing the safest and best fishing experience on Lake Tahoe no matter what the  season.  Our boats and electronics are built for both fishing and comfort and our Captains are some of the most experience fishermen on the Lake.

Mile High Fishing operates on the lake 12 months out of the year and we know where to catch fish in each and every season.TSouth

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