2020 Lake Tahoe Fishing

When it comes to Lake Tahoe Fishing the avid fisherman will be hard-pressed not to find a new spot to fish.  The Lake Tahoe area is teaming with rivers, reservoirs, and lakes that would take a lifetime to explore.

Lake Tahoe itself is 22 miles long and 11 miles long.  Lake Tahoe is the headwaters for both the Carson River and Truckee River.  Lake Tahoe also feeds several small tributaries.

90% Of The Fish In Lake Tahoe Are Found In 10% Of The Lake

In species of fish, you will find in Lake Tahoe, you will find:

Lake Tahoe Fishing Seasons

One of the great things about Lake Tahoe (the Lake itself) is that it is open year-round for fishing.  That doesn’t mean you will have luck catching all the species in the lake throughout the year.  Lake Trout are the predominant fish species in the lake and can be caught year-round.

Other Waters Around Lake Tahoe That Are Available To Fish Are:

There are also numerous other smaller lakes in the area that you can hike into that hold the various species of trout.

Ways To Fish The Various Waters

Lake Tahoe Fishing is generally done by boat because of its sheer size and the depths that the fish are holding in. In the summer months, some fishermen have some luck fishing the shoreline when the Rainbows and Browns are in the shallower waters. There are numerous boat ramps around the lake, but most fishermen will hire a charter to take them fishing on the lake, especially during the colder months.   These boats are equipped with heated cabins that keep the fishermen warm when traveling to and from the fishing areas.

Some of the smaller lakes can be fished from shore but most people use some sort of boat or floatation device for the best luck.   Small boats, kayaks, rafts and float tubes can all be effective.

As for the streams and rivers most fishermen will fish from the bank and also wade the river.  This is the preferred choice by many fly fishermen visiting our area. Like in most waters, flies tend to be most effective in the morning, late afternoon and evening.

Lake Tahoe Fishing Regulations - And Other Waters

When fishing in our area make sure you have the appropriate fishing license for the waters you are going to fish.   Remember we are right on the state line of California and Nevada and depending on where you are fishing you need to make sure you have the right license.The other thing you want to be aware of is the different fishing regulations on each body of water you will be fishing.   Some waters are open year round, others have special seasons of when you can fish and when you can’t. Following are the links to the California and Nevada fishing departments for your reference.

Catch And Release VS Keeping The Fish

We have amazing fisheries here in Nor Cal / Nevada, and the fish populations are plentiful.  With that in mind, you are encouraged to only keep as many fish as you and your family can consume. This will help sustain the current fish populations, providing fishermen like yourself with many years of amazing fishing.

We look forward to seeing you enjoy our area and the outstanding Lake Tahoe Fishing.

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Trip Length: 6.5 hrs

Trip Length: 4.5 hrs

Trip Length: 4.5 hrs