Full Day Fishing Charters

Experience a full day of exciting fishing on Lake Tahoe

Welcome to the ultimate fishing adventure on Lake Tahoe! Mile High Fishing Charters is your ticket to the very best fishing experience you can have on these pristine waters.

Our Full Day Fishing Charters offer optimal fishing opportunities, with morning charters being the most sought after. Traditionally, mornings provide the best conditions for fishing, with departures ranging from 5:30 AM to 10:00 AM. From May to October, the magic happens between 5:30 AM and 8:30 AM, offering the best chances of favorable winds, calm waters, and the primary bite of the day.

The “Major Feeding Period” is influenced by various factors, which change from day to day and month to month. We recommend taking advantage of the higher odds whenever possible. Lake Trout, also known as Mackinaw, inhabit depths ranging from 15′ to 400′. While we never fish deeper than 200′, the majority of our time is spent fishing from the surface to 80′, ensuring the most exhilarating fights and remarkable catches.

Lake Tahoe’s morning temperatures can be brisk year-round, so we advise dressing in layers to stay comfortable. Rest assured, we provide the finest custom rods, top-of-the-line reels from Daiwa and Abu Garcia with line counters, and the best terminal tackle in the business. Our boats, custom-built by KingFisher, prioritize your comfort and are equipped with the latest gear. As part of the Mercury Marine Pro Team, we are rated the highest and sponsored by the industry’s leading names.

Join us for a private morning fishing charter led by Captain Joby Cefalu, an owner/operator with 52 years of experience as a Lake Tahoe native. You can also fish with Justin Cain, another Lake Tahoe native. Our expertise, knowledge, and track record of success are unparalleled in the industry.

Prepare yourself for a full day of incredible fishing, unforgettable moments, and the thrill of reeling in magnificent catches. Book your Full Day Fishing Charter today with Mile High Fishing Charters and experience Lake Tahoe’s finest angling adventure.


For those aged 16 and older, a fishing license for either California or Nevada is a requirement. If needed, we can offer assistance by providing you with an online purchase link or helping you obtain one at our office upon request.
While making your way to the boat roughly 10 minutes prior to departure, it’s worth considering a brief restroom break, despite the onboard bathroom facilities available on both of our boats.
The duration of our journey to the fishing grounds can vary, typically ranging from 5 to 45 minutes, contingent on the type of fishing and fish activity. Your success is our top priority, and while longer runs may reduce your time in the water, our decisions are based on our experience and daily fishing conditions to ensure your best chance at success.
During the initial fifteen minutes and throughout the trip, we provide valuable education and guidance. Lake Tahoe presents a distinctive fishery, and we have acquired expertise in both technique and the gear we utilize. Rest assured, you’re in capable hands with the lake’s finest. Thorough instructions significantly enhance your chances of a higher catch rate.
Each trip starts with a comprehensive protocol, even though unexpected emergencies are rare. We provide information regarding the location of life vests and instructions on contacting the US Coast Guard should the Captain be unavailable. With our years of experience as licensed Coast Guard Captains, your safety remains our top priority.
Our fishing trips have a maximum catch limit of five fish per angler, regardless of the species. We are strong advocates of catch and release for those who prefer not to keep their catch. Our commitment to responsible fishing practices encourages our guests to retain only what they require or desire, contributing to the preservation of a thriving and sustainable fishery.
With over 25 years of experience, we possess exceptional expertise in a wide range of fishing methods on Lake Tahoe. Jigging stands out as one of our most popular approaches, offering anglers a hands-on experience from hook to net. Additionally, we demonstrate proficiency in various techniques, encompassing drift fishing, deep-water trolling, and jigging. Our primary objective is to employ these versatile methods to enhance your fishing success and ensure an enjoyable experience for all our clients.
We take care of cleaning and bagging your catch for your convenience. Additionally, we provide access to multiple restaurants, allowing you to savor your catch on the same day as your charter experience.
We provide waters and sodas on board for our clients. We are not allowed to offer food or adult beverages by law but encourage our clients to bring their own if desired.

Fishing Rates

By request, please call for rates and reservations.

Fishing Rates

We provide everything you will need to fish, including bait, tackle, fishing rods, reels, and bar none the finest guides on Lake Tahoe.
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The very best fishing on Lake Tahoe can be enjoyed on just about any given morning charter. Mile High boasts the highest success rate of any charter company, and the AM is usually the best. Morning charters traditionally offer the best conditions, which makes for the optimal time to fish. Fishing trip times vary throughout the year from 5:30 AM To 10:00 AM departures. From May to October, the best odds of a favorable wind, calm water, and the primary bite of the day happens with 5:30 AM – 8:30 AM departures.

So many factors are involved in the “Major Feeding Period,” although these vary day to day and month to month, take the higher odds when possible. Lake Trout (Mackinaw) live in depths of 15’-400′. Although we never fish deeper than 200′, most of our time fishing is spent from the surface to 80′, making for the best fight and most excellent fish.

Lake Tahoe can be chilly in the morning year-round, so dress in layers. We provide the finest custom rods, Daiwa and Abu Garcia top-of-the-line reels with line counters and the best terminal tackle in the biz. Our boats are custom built by KingFisher with your comfort in mind. As part of the Mercury Marine Pro Team, we are the highest-rated and sponsored by the industry’s top names. So enjoy a private morning fishing charter with Captain Joby Cefalu, owner/operator and 52 years Lake Tahoe Native or Justin Cain, also a Lake Tahoe Native. Our experience, knowledge, and success are the very best.

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