First timers are always amazed at all of the Lake Tahoe Activities.   When it comes to a fun get-a-way Lake Tahoe has pretty much something for everyone. If you are a fisherman then you can get your fix without sacrificing the entire day and still stay in the good graces of the family. There are not many places in this world where you can pull this off.

Lake Tahoe is a 22 mile long lake with the California and Nevada border running the length if it from North to South.   In generalities the North end of the lake is for people wanting a more laid back experience enjoying the serenity of the Sierra wilderness.
South Lake Tahoe is where wilderness meets cosmopolitan.   On the Nevada side of South Lake Tahoe you have the Casinos,  high end Hotels,  bars, clubs and everything that goes with it.   On the California side you have a thriving town that is focused more on outdoor adventures and activities.

Can you imagine a day that starts off with a

– Guided Fishing Charter going after trophy lake trout
– followed by an afternoon mountain bike ride with your kids and family through the areas pristine forests
– Dinner at a an amazing restaurant
– and then wrap up the evening at a casino or dance club with your special someone? 

It may sound impossible, but, this is a typical day for many visiting South Lake Tahoe. The trick is to have your time and activities coordinated before hand for such a Ferris Bueller adventure to occur.

Lake Tahoe Fishing

Lake Tahoe is famous for its Trophy Lake Trout.  Fish in the 10 pound  range are very common,  fish over 20 pounds are frequent and fish at 30 pounds are not unheard of. The nice thing is that you don’t have to drive for hours to get to the marina and then motor out for maybe a few hours to get to the fishing grounds. The South Lake Tahoe marinas are close to anywhere you might stay and the fish are just a short boat ride away. Remember, Lake Tahoe is only 22 miles in length.

The best way to insure a successful adventure is to book one of the full time fishing charter boats on Lake Tahoe. These experienced captains have the knowledge to know where the fish will be and provide you with the right gear to catch them.

Mountain Biking At Lake Tahoe

There are many places to rent mountain bikes in South Lake Tahoe.   These shops are known for keeping their bikes in top condition so you can have a worry free ride enjoying the amazing scenery.
Just a few of the most popular biking trails are:

Fountain Place
Angora Ridge
Twin Peaks
Meiss Trail

Talk with the bike shop about the riding opportunities that would fit you endurance  and skill level.

Captain Jobys Recommendation: Anderson Bike Rental Sports LTD – 530-541-0500 –

Fine Dining In South Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe has well over 200 restaurants within its boundaries.    Many of these are considered upscale or fine dining. 

These restaurants offer cuisine such as:

Steak and Seafood Restaurants 

and the list goes on.  Even Gordon Ramsey has a “Hells Kitchen” in South Lake Tahoe.

Captain Jobys recommendations: Chart House Restaurant  – 775-588-6276 –
Ciera Steakhouse in the Mont Bleu Casino – 775-588-3515 –

Gambling & Night Life

The name South Lake Tahoe is synonymous with  gambling and nightlife.  Many of the casinos from Las Vegas and Reno have resorts in South Lake Tahoe,  and with that comes gaming, drinks, dancing and world class shows and entertainment.  If you are wanting to celebrate into the wee hours of the morning, South Lake Tahoe is a great place to let your hair down.
Some of the activities include:

Wine Bars
Piano Bars
Top Name Entertainers & Shows

Captain Jobys Recommendations: Opal Nightclub (Mont Bleu) – 530-318-9287 –
Peak Nightclub (Harrah’s) – 775-586-6705 –

So if you only have a few short days to enjoy our area and you want to include fishing in the mix of activities then give us a call. We can help you decide which type of trip you should book and we even have some recommendations for the other activities that you might enjoy.