Fishing in Lake Tahoe California

The fishing on Lake Tahoe California has continued to be good going into the upcoming holiday months.  The colder weather has  fishermen replacing windbreakers with parkas but for those who are adventurous the fishing continues to be rewarding this time of year.

Big Lake Trout

The quarry tis Big Lake Trout which have moved into the deeper sections of the Lake.  We also will catch the occasional Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout but the majority of the fish caught are Mackinaw.  In most cases we vertically  jig lures and small flies which the Mackinaw tend to love.  This is a very “hands-on” style of fishing where each fisherman holds and jigs their own rod.   Strikes tend to be a simple light bump and it requires the fisherman to be focused on each jig of the rod.  When you feel the bump you need to reel up and set the hook as the fish tend not to keep it in their mouth for long.

Prepare Your Catch In Many Delicious Ways

With the colder weather and waters the Lake Trout tend to firm up this time of year which makes them even better table fare.   Baked Lake Trout with Lemon, Butter and Parsley are my favorites but you can also fry or grill these delicious fish.  Lake Trout can get very big and in many cases a single fish will give you enough for a few meals,  so you can test out many different preparations.   Potatoes or rice make a great side dish and can be made many different ways to match up with way you have prepared the fish.

If you have never experienced dining on fresh trout that you have personally caught the day before is a real treat.  I guarantee that you will remember that meal for many years to come.  In many cases your will also have enough fish to take home with you as a reminder of the fishing adventure you had on Lake Tahoe.

Covid and Fishing On Lake Tahoe California

The Lake Tahoe area is still fighting the covid virus but governmental precautions and common social distancing practices are keeping visitors safe.  Restaurants are still open,  casinos are active and you will find ample overnight accommodations.  It is still suggested that visitors planning to come to South Lake Tahoe this holiday season make their plans and reservations well in advance.

Mile High Charters

Mile High Charters takes many precautions between each trip to keep our guests safe,  We sanitize both the boat and equipment along with making sure our captain and first mate are healthy. 

If you are interested in a Holiday Fishing Adventure give Mile High Charters a call and we will work with you to plan your fishing trip.  Mile High Charters is the premier South Lake Tahoe fishing Charter. We have multiple boats to handle larger groups, provide all equipment and tackle, have captains that are safety minded and also very good fishermen, and clean newer boats with heated cabins for your comfort.

We take care of your entire fishing adventure for you. All you have to do is show up at the docks and will take it from there. We even will clean your fish for you at the end of your trip.

Don’t forget to bring clothes appropriate for the weather, snacks or lunch, cooler for your snacks and for your catch, camera, sun glasses and also sun screen (even during the colder months). We do ask you to bring your own covid protective gear. Most charters are private charters so it will only be your group on the boat for the entire day.

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