Fishing With Kids on Lake Tahoe

Over the past year families are rethinking their recreational activities due to the chance of being exposed to Covid. Before 2020 little concern was given to attending events or venues with mass gatherings of people. Now many, if not most, families take into consideration how safe an event may be.

This concern has given rise to families considering other activities that have less exposure to the virus: Many of these activities are more outdoors based giving no the protection of natural social distancing and fresh air. Some activity cities that have seen incredible growth are:





And …. fishing

The interest in fishing has increased dramatically, to a point where it is hard to find the most popular tackle and equipment on the store shelves. Online relatives have also seen a surge of interest and orders are steadily ncreasing each and every week.

Think about it, How many dads and moms have FishIng equipment and tackle tucked away from when they were a kid? Although this equipment can still catch fish, like everything else in this world the technology and engineers no that has gone int the new equipment is mich more advanced.

So if fishing with your family has become a focal point it might be wise to reach out to people that have the inside track on what new fishing techniques there are and what new equipment is being used. Sure you can go down to your local sporting goods outlet or bait shop but many of these folks are once removed from the front lines. If you really want to excel erase yur education and knowledge booking a trip with a local fishing guide or charter is your best bet. Think of it as a field trip, research outing and fun family adventure all wrapped not one. While onboard the captain and crew will not nylon tell you about what’s hot and what’s not but also give you hands on instruction you can’t get by casting down the isle of some store.

You will also see the waters and spots where they have fished before and you can then return n your own at a later time if you wish. If you are smart you will probably book another trip with the guide just to continue on with your learning and have another fun adventure with your kids.

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Trip Length: 6.5 hrs

Trip Length: 4.5 hrs

Trip Length: 4.5 hrs