Not All Fishing Charters Are The Same

Not all Fishing Charters in Lake Tahoe are the same. After 2+ years of the pandemic, forrest fires, draught and now climbing fuel prices the Charter businesses has and continues to have challenges. Even with the chaos some new Charters on the Lake have been started up by newer captains that had been in other industries that are cutting down on their work force.

This blog post has not been written to single out any individuals or companies but to inform the fishing public about some things to be watchful for when selecting a Charter company for their next adventure on Lake Tahoe. Be mindful that many newer Charter companies are doing everything right, providing the public with a safe and comfortable fishing experience.On the other hand there are established Charter companies that cut corners with safety and compliance issues which can lead to a very poor experience.

So here are a few questions that you should consider asking a Lake Tahoe Charter business before going out on a fishing adventure.

1- How long have you been a Charter Captain on Lake Tahoe? The reason for this question is to make sure they have the experience you are looking for.

2 – If we go out with you what type of fish will we be targeting? If there is some hummming or stammering you may be speaking with someone who may be a great captain but doesn’t know much about fishing.

3 – How much insurance does your company have ? There is no absolute answer to this question because in a horrific accident even millions of dollars may not be enough.

4 – Do you have a current license and permit? If they don’t know I would not venture out with them, they know if their license is current.

5 – What is your cancellation policy? There is not a uniform cancellation policy throughout the industry. Make sure the Charter you book with has a cancellation policy that is reasonable to you.

6 – Do you have any testimonials that you can share with me? If they don’t then make sure you are very cautious. You can also go on Google Maps / Business and look up the Charters Google Business Page, there they have a listing of all reviews submitted by Google. A 4.5 average Star listing is considered very good, but take into consideration the number of reviews they have, which is shown to the right of the average stars.

7 – How long have you lived at Lake Tahoe. Local knowledge is very helpful when it comes to selecting the right place to fish or finding a good place to eat after the fishing is over.

Getting first had knowledge of what a fisherman thought of their current outing can be very helpful.Ask around, ask locals who they would recommend, check with the Better Business Bureau, ask in tackle shops, etc.

Charters are not cheap but if you select the right one then most will feel the money has been well spent. If you pick the wrong charter company you will leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Come check us out at Mile High Charters …. I know you will be impressed. We know there are a lot of Fishing Charters in Lake Tahoe and we strive daily to the expectations of our clients.

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Trip Length: 4.5 hrs