Tahoe Sport Fishing

With the fishing options in California starting to dry up, finding somewhere to wet a line and catch a trophy-sized fish is becoming harder and harder. Because of the current challenges, Lake Tahoe Sport Fishing is fast becoming one of the most popular destination fisheries in the state, and for a good reason.

Lake Tahoe is 191.6 square miles, or 122,000 acres, and is, in some places, over 1,600 feet deep. That makes Lake Tahoe the 2nd deepest lake in the United States, just behind Crater Lake in Oregon. With the sheer size of Lake Tahoe and its depth, the amount of water it can hold is unbelievable. Hundreds of thousands of trout in its waters, many of which grow into Trophy-sized fish.

Trophy Sized Lake Trout

The average-sized Lake Trout that Tahoe Sport Fishing enthusiasts catch in Lake Tahoe is 3 – 7 lbs. This is considered a good-sized trout in many lakes but Lake Tahoe produces much fish over 20 pounds with the current record being 37.6 pounds.

These fish compare in size to many of King Salmon caught in the Sacramento River. The current daily limit for Lake Trout in Lake Tahoe is 2, and the total daily trout bag limit is 5. This means you can keep 3 additional trout (usually Rainbows) along with your 2 Lake Trout.

Tahoe Sport Fishing Is A Year Long Activity

You can fish Lake Tahoe 12 months out of the year instead of just a few selected months. Although Lake Tahoe is just about a Mile High, it rarely freezes over and is accessible by boat for the entire year. Even in February, the water temperature stays between 40 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Avid fishermen can fish Tahoe in their shorts, flip-flops, snow parkas, and ear muffs.

What Other Fish Are In Lake Tahoe

The variety of trout in Lake Tahoe is another exciting surprise to many anglers. While fishing for Lake Trout (Mackinaw), you might also hook into a Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Brook Trout or even a Kokanee. There is also smallmouth bass in the Lake that you can fish for at certain times.

Professional Tahoe Sport Fishing Charters Are Available.

Professional Tahoe Sport Fishing Guides and Charters are available to book year round. Most have boats that will protect you from the elements and offer heat in the winter and AC in the summer.

Tahoe Sport Fishing Charters are more than just captains navigating a nice boat. Many Charter Captains are also highly talented fishermen who enjoy sharing their passion for fishing with others. Their knowledge of the lake and fish is key to the success you will have fishing. Many serious anglers will always book a charter as it give them the best odds of hooking into a Trophy fish.

Fun For Families And Serious Fishermen Alike

For newbies to fishing your Charter Captain will generally troll for Lake Trout using specialized tackle on downriggers. It is a very productive type of fishing and the poles are held in holders until a fish is hooked. Once hooked it is the fishermans job to get it to the boat and be netted. Don;t expect to land every fish you hook, there is hundreds of feet of distance between you and the hooked fish where they can “throw the hook” ….. This is why it is called Fishing and not Catching.

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Trip Length: 6.5 hrs

Trip Length: 4.5 hrs

Trip Length: 4.5 hrs