Lake Trout (Mackinaw) Fishing in the Fall

The cool embrace of fall, with its colorful foliage and gentle breezes, offers a unique setting for fishing enthusiasts. Amidst the changing season, Lake Tahoe’s deep waters harbor a spectacular fishing experience: targeting the formidable Lake Trout, also known as Mackinaw. As the autumn leaves swirl, the Lake Trout prepare for their own seasonal dance, presenting anglers with both challenges and rewards. Let’s delve into the world of fall Mackinaw fishing, understanding their behavior, the techniques to catch them, and why Mile High Fishing Charters is your best companion on this adventure.

Lake Trout in the Fall: A Behavior Shift

As summer transitions to fall, the Lake Trout undergo significant behavioral changes in response to dropping temperatures. During the warmer months, Mackinaw typically dwell in the deeper, colder sections of the lake. However, come fall, they start venturing into shallower waters. This movement is primarily driven by two factors:
Feeding Patterns: With the onset of fall, Lake Trout become more aggressive feeders. This is their way of preparing for the winter months, ensuring they have adequate fat reserves. The shallower waters of the lake offer a bounty of baitfish, making it a prime feeding ground for the hungry Mackinaw.
Spawning Rituals: Fall is also the spawning season for the Lake Trout. They seek rocky or gravelly areas in the lake, usually at depths ranging from 20 to 60 feet, to lay their eggs. This reproductive ritual sees an increase in their activity levels, making it an ideal time for anglers to target them.

The Art of Catching Fall Mackinaw: Baits and Techniques

Catching the Lake Trout during the fall requires understanding their behavior and adapting your techniques accordingly. Here’s a guide to boost your success rates:

Bait Selection: Given the Mackinaw’s aggressive feeding during fall, using the right bait is crucial. Minnows and chub are top choices, closely mimicking their natural prey. For those preferring artificial lures, spoons and swimbaits that replicate baitfish can be highly effective.

Jigging: One of the most effective techniques for fall Mackinaw is vertical jigging. Given their proximity to the lake’s bottom during this season, dropping a jig right into their territory can yield excellent results. Choose jigs that resemble baitfish or crustaceans, and remember to keep the movement erratic, mimicking a wounded prey.

Trolling: For covering larger areas of the lake, trolling is a viable technique. Utilizing downriggers to ensure your bait remains at the desired depth, troll at varying speeds, and don’t be afraid to change depths frequently. This approach can be especially effective in locating schools of feeding Mackinaw.

Why Mile High Fishing Charters is Your Best Bet

With the challenges and intricacies of fall Mackinaw fishing in Lake Tahoe, having an experienced ally can make all the difference. This is where Mile High Fishing Charters shines:

Unparalleled Expertise: Led by native fisherman Joby Cefalu, Mile High boasts over 30 years of experience in Lake Tahoe fishing. This deep-rooted understanding ensures you’re always at the right spot, using the best techniques.

State-of-the-Art Equipment: From custom-made rods to top-tier reels, Mile High equips you with the best, increasing your chances of landing that prized Mackinaw.

Education and Guidance: Beyond just assisting, the team at Mile High ensures you understand the ‘why’ behind each technique, enriching your fishing experience and enhancing your skills.

Safety and Comfort: Whether you’re a seasoned angler or introducing your kids to the magic of fishing, Mile High ensures every trip is safe, comfortable, and immensely rewarding.
Fall Mackinaw fishing in Lake Tahoe is not just about the thrill of the catch; it’s about immersing yourself in nature’s rhythm, understanding the dance of the Lake Trout, and refining your angling techniques. With Mile High Fishing Charters as your guide, this experience is elevated, promising not just a potential catch but memories, lessons, and stories to cherish. So, as the leaves turn golden and the Lake Trout beckon, ensure you’re setting sail with the best – Mile High Fishing Charters. Book your charter, and dive into the mesmerizing world of fall Mackinaw fishing.


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Trip Length: 4.5 hrs